Critical Illness Insurance

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Being diagnosed with a critical illness is a devastating event, not just for you, but also for your spouse, your family, and even business partners. A critical illness often requires you to leave your job to focus on getting well.

Even though you may be experiencing a loss of income, your expenses and loans still have to be paid, not to mention the additional cost that go along with a critical illness (medication, special treatment, specialized equipment, etc..) The financial burden can be worrisome, especially if you don’t have other source of income during your recovery period.


Heart Disease
One in four Canadians will develop some form of heart disease during their lives.
One in two heart attack victims is under age 65.

82% of victims survive their stroke
Around 60% of stroke survivors end up with disabilities and over 40% with moderate to severe disabilities.

In the next 20 years, the number of Canadians with lasting disabilities following a stroke will have almost doubled
One in 20 people are at risk for stroke. 50,000 Canadians suffer from strokes each year.

One in two people will develop cancer during their lives.
60% of Canadians will still be alive five years after their cancer diagnosis
90% of people diagnosed with cancer will suffer a loss of income or an increase in expenses

Sources: Canadian Cancer Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.
Critical illness insurance is designed for anyone looking to minimize their financial strain and maintain their quality of life and financial security in the event of a critical illness, clients receive a lump sum payment so that they can focus on getting better.